Bywyd yn y cartref

Yn y cartref yn gofalu am blant

Roedd llawer yn gofalu am blant o bob oed yn y cartref. Dyma dameidiau o’u dyddiaduron.

Up 7.30 Woke children. Got my 13 year old daughter off to school. Fed and changed twin girls (11 months).
8.30 Make beds, clean bathroom, fill dishwasher and tidy kitchen.
9.30 Took car to have tyres checked, bought a few items of food from shop.
11.00 Changed nappies (disposable) and let twins play with toys in lounge. Put some washing on and some drying out on line. Get lunch ready. Girls have homemade salmon bake and a drink of water. I have a sandwich and a cup of tea.
12.30 Wash up. Play with twins.
1.00 Put twins in rockers so they can have a sleep. I have a cup of tea and half an hour's sit down.
1.30 Do more washing and some ironing. Prepare tea. Summer stew for us, homemade breaded chicken for twins.
4.00 Change nappies and get twins dressed. Wait for eldest daughter to come home. Take her to hairdressers. I go to post office and vets. Go back and pick her up, return home.
5.00 Cook twin's tea and feed them.
6.00 My partner returns home. He has twins while I take eldest daughter swimming. I have a sauna and swim.
7.30 One twin still awake so I feed her (breastmilk). Put her to bed.
8. 00 We have tea. I wash up, sweep and mop floor. Do one more load of washing and put some in tumble dryer. Do some ironing.
9.30 Twins unsettled due to colds.
10.00 Get ready for bed.
11.00 Twins awake again and nearly every hour throughout the night. Their dad got up at 6.30 to see to the twins. I get up at 7.30 ready to start again.