Diwylliant ac Adloniant

Neuadd Tref Machynlleth: Cwmnïau Theatr

Bu cwmnïau theatr teithiol yn ymddangos yn Neuadd Tref Machynlleth yn yr 1890au. Yn y llythyr hwn, mae Cymro apHugh, Cyfarwyddwr y Cwmni 'Diamond Star Dramatic Combination', yn gwneud cais i logi'r neuadd am un o 'most successful plays of the century':

Dear Sir

Can you book the above P.O.C. [Power of Conscience] at your hall on sharing terms or certainty. I visited the town on 4th April 1894 and had a good house. I forgot whether I played "Divorced" or above [Power of Conscience]. I should also like you to share with me in a variety enterprise later on, all my shows, as you know, are good ones, and very attractive and there is money in them all.

An early reply will oblige.

Yours faithfully

Cymro apHugh

PS All kind of special printing by all the pictoral printers extant. Also letterpress.

'Diamond Star Dramatic Combination Co.'
Llythyr gan Cymro apHugh o'r Cwmni 'Diamond Star Dramatic Combination
Archifau Sir Powys

Cafodd yr ymholiad hwn ei ysgrifennu gan y Cwmni 'La Comedie Anglaise' o Spalding, Swydd Lincoln, gan obeithio perfformio eu drama sef 'The Sorrows of Satan':

"What vacant dates . . ."
Llythyr gan W L Dobell,
La Comedie Anglaise, wedi'i ysgrifennu ar gefn y daflen isod.
Archifau Sir Powys


What vacant dates can you offer me in March & April? What Co's have you had lately, did they do well, and what have you now booked? Have you had "Sorrows of Satan" yet? Does Lent affect business much? Your reply by return will oblige.

Yours truly

W L Dobell

"The Sorrows of Satan"
Taflen ar gyfer
'The Famous La Comedie
Anglaise Company'
Archifau Sir Powys