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Ymarferol a Gweithgynhyrchu

Gellir gweld dyddiadur syrfewr arall fan hyn a gellir gweld diwrnod ym mywyd ffarier yma hefyd.

  • (Peiriannydd gwerthiant) Spoke with customers in Hong Kong. Spoke with customer in Lytham St Annes to explain new product status. Spoke with company that I met in Germany last week to follow up his request for components. Checked emails and followed up on them. Arranged for customer to visit me.

  • (Rheolwr reprograffeg) Ar ôl cinio, nyddu blew Alpaca (sy'n byw ger Y Drenewydd) ar gyfer paratoi rhoi darlith amdano yn yr Amgueddfa Wehyddu yfory.

  • (Gweithgynhyrchydd casys offerynnau cerddorol) Arrived at work for 8.30.The college Repro Dept is very busy since the Sept enrolments, and I work alone. Approx 7000 sheets of paper used today (out of a yearly total of 1.25 million copies) of notes, documents, booklets etc. No paperless office here yet. Some work today was for the other college sites at Brecon and Llandod. Had 2 twenty minute breaks and half hour lunch ( Roast veg Lasagne and salad and a kit kat choc bar).Sorted store room out after 4 pallets of paper came yesterday, Including 600 reams of white at £1.62 from the South Wales Paper co. This will last 3 months. Finished work at 4.30 went to Potters Recycle Depot.
    Hay Craft Centre
    Hay Craft Centre

  • (Cydlynydd) We arrived at our workshop about 10am. We have our own business, making soft leather musical instrument bags for trombones, trumpets etc but for the last few years have only made flute case covers - soft cases which hold the hard cases the flutes are in. We used to make handbags, clocks, belts etc for tourists, but since we left Hay Craft Centre that side of the business has gone. We are very busy at present because we are retiring at the end of September and have so many extra orders it will take us all our time to complete them and be out of the workshop by the end of October as planned.

  • (Saer)Had a cup of tea before leaving for work at 6.50am. Arrived at work at 7.30am. Changed into work clothes. Completed daily stock control reports and made entries on computer.

  • (Person harddwch teithiol) Left at 7.30. Went to buider's merchants to pick up materials. At 8am went to Kenton Jones to pick up some flooring which I then laid at a building site in Welshpool. At 1pm I had something to eat. The rest of the afternoon I was fitting a kitchen at a house in Welshpool.

  • (Person trin gwallt) 12.00 I'm a beauty therapist so I practised nail extensions on the 'hand'.
    2pm Went to client's to fetch rubber tap spray left when washing her hair yesterday. She needed to talk.
    Cup of tea time! Time to telephone tomorrow's client for highlights to see if I can do her early or Saturday. She agreed on Saturday at 2pm.
    3.30 Practice nails - 5.30. Getting worse instead of better. Phoned lady who needs hair cut.

  • (Hairdresser) 8.30 - 1pm Worked at the hairdressers cutting, blow drying, setting and perming.
    Illus. By Rob Davies
    Kwik Save
    Kwik Save

  • (Gyrrwr lori) My route for the day was South Wales, delivering frozen food to seven Kwik Save Supermarket stores. I had to take a ¾ of an hour break after driving the maximum amount of 4 hours in a lorry.
  • (National Trust Warden) Gyrru i'm gwaith i'r Ganllwyd, yno erbyn 8.00 o'r gloch y bore. Wedi hurio 'chipper' a mynd â fo i Dolmelynllyn i drin coed rhododendrons. Tri yn fy helpu - Rhun o'r Nannau, Steffan o Ddolgellau ac Andrew o Harlech. Cario'r 'chip' yn ôl i'r iard yn y Ganllwyd.

  • (Labrwr gwaith adeiladu)
    8.00am Go to work (building house extension)
    1.00pm Lunch on site (corned beef rolls)
    4.30pm Return home. Relax.
  • (Gyrrwr cerbyd codi-â-fforch)
    7.00 - 7.30 Drive to work in Newtown. Buy newspaper. Clock on at work.
    7.30 - 2.00 Driving forklift, serving customers with building materials. Much too busy. All around there is recession and falling market values, but not in the building industry because mortgages are still cheap.
    2.00 - 3.00 Late lunch and a little sleep.
    3.00 - 5.30 As morning

  • (Syrfewr) Arrived in office at 8.00am, which is based at a Comprehensive School, organised work for the day for the two caretakers and two multi skilled operatives who attend to the maintenance needs of the public buildings in that area. Had my weekly meeting with the headmaster of the comprehensive school at 9.30am to discuss general repairs, project work and the installation of a lift in the foyer area of the old school main entrance. I carried out maintenance visits to a Junior School, a Day Centre, another Junior School and an Adult Training Centre, which was having asbestos lagging removed from pipe work in the boiler house. I attended a meeting at further Junior School with the head teacher and a flooring contractor to organise the replacement of floor coverings to one of the classrooms and corridor. This work was organised for October half term. My day was completed at 4.30pm at the office.



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