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Amodau Cymdeithasol

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Powys: Y Pryd Hynny a Nawr





Gyrru i’r gwaith

Teithiau llawer i’r gwaith mewn car. Dyma rai sylwadau am eu teithiau.

  • Had a drink, did some household chores and left for work at 8.30am. Travelled via Montgomery as the collapsed bridge which closed this route for months has been rebuilt. Bliss!

  • My daughter left to walk to school and I dropped my son at school in the car as I was driving to Cardiff to the office where I work. My husband had left about 7am to drive to Cardiff to work in the National Assembly.

  • Early afternoon my wife arrives back and then I go to work, again in the car (not many people walk or cycle these days - it takes too much time and the roads are too busy).

  • Showered and left house at 9 o'clock to drive to Ystradgynlais for a meeting. Got held up by slow farm machinery, so did short cut through Aberysgir and joined the Sennybridge Road missing out Brecon. 5 minutes late for meeting.

  • Drive to work at Brecon Social Services - exactly 15 minutes along A40. Another beautiful sunny morning, but cold.

  • Heol Knighton
    Heol Knighton
    Late to work having seen my truculent 14 year old onto the school bus. The twenty mile drive gives me time to get my brain into gear. I've driven the road from Knighton to Llandrindod for 22 years and I still marvel at how lucky I am to live in this beautiful place.
  • I drove to work (8 miles) in a Peugeot 406 diesel estate, which is a county lease car. My wife drives a Vauxhall Astra which we own.

  • I drove my car to work at Coleg Powys this morning as it is now getting a bit too cold to ride a bicycle in the morning and it is getting darker earlier in the evenings.

  • Set off for work by car (since train timetable no longer suitable for commuting to work).

  • I jumped into my Renault Clio and took the normal route - Penybont/Knighton/Bucknell - to the office at Craven Arms; 32 miles away. Usually I get stuck behind at least 5 tractors, 2 horseboxes and a few white vans, but today the road was relatively clear and I completed the journey in 48 minutes (which included the compulsory 30 mph speed limit in Knighton where I was fined recently for exceeding it!).

  • Earlier had spent the day in the office at Llandrindod Wells, some 26 miles away. Had travelled down as a car passenger with a colleague who lives in a village nearby. Saw two buzzards on journey as well as a dead fox which was on top of a roadside hedge. Suspect bizarre case of hara-kiri.

Fodd bynnag, nid pawb sy’n teithio mewn car

7.00am Get bike ready and changed to cycle into work.
7.30am After breakfast left for work with colleague to cycle together.

Arrive at work and shower

8.30am Changed and ready for first patients!

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