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Helping charities

Several diarists were involved with helping charities in various capacities.

  • Did the usual Tuesday afternoon shift in a local charity shop - customers rather less than in the holiday weeks just past. A couple from Victoria, Australia provided interesting conversation, and the shift's takings were £80 +. Conversation generally included comments on yesterday's early morning earthquake.

A mother took her young child

  • . . . to meet other mums and babies. We all took part in a 'Toddle Waddle' walk around Lymore Park in aid of the Meningitis Trust.
choir practice

One lady looked for sponsorship for an interesting challenge:

  • At choir practice, I collected some more people who are willing to sponsor me for the Marie Curie Cancer Care Ladies Driving Challenge. It is to take place at Pembrey Racing Circuit Llanelli. I hope I can rise to the challenge. You never know what you might have to drive. According to some photos of previous events, it might be a fire engine, a tractor or a double-decker bus!

Others were involved in charities further afield.

  • I also sent an email using my fairly new and not yet understood computer, to a human rights organisation in the Philippines. It has taken only about half an hour to reach its destination and the cost to me will be the equivalent of a local phone call.
  • In the evening went to the local Tools for Self Reliance group. We are working on refurbishing building tools for a community group in Ghana.

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