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Harvest Festival

Llandegley Church
Llandegley Church
Illus. by Rob Davies

These are two accounts of the Harvest Festival service which took place at St Teclas Church Llandegley on October 6th 2002.

  • The Sunday Service was our Harvest Festival held at 6pm. The preacher was Dean Geraint Hughes, a retired clergy living in the area who was helping out during the interregnum whilst without a local vicar. Most age groups in the parish were represented and several took part, reading lessons and intercession, also singing and taking the collections. Gifts of fruit were taken up to the altar during the second hymn.

    This was followed by a bring and share supper and an auction of local produce grown in the area.

  • The Harvest Festival service was in Evensong at 6pm. In the morning I prepared boxes of garden produce which were donated as gifts to the Harvest Festival. Also, preparations were made for our Harvest Supper where everyone shares the supper prepared by church members, also wine donated by members. A very enjoyable evening.

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