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The March for Liberty and Livelihood

Illus. By Rob Davies

Many diarists had attended this March in London on September 22nd 2002, two days before the Day in the Life diary day. These are some of the comments made by them.

  • I had a chat about the March in London that we went to on Sunday (It was an amazing experience, with over 400,000 people marching past the cenotaph, No 10 and Parliament, expressing their concerns about the state of the countryside, and the government's animosity towards us).

  • I popped into the adjacent office of the local newspaper, one of three publications, and told the reporter of my day in London last Sunday when I took part in the Liberty and Livelihood March organised by the Countryside Alliance. He was most interested and intends to publish my comments on the overall success of the event. It was the largest march ever held which went to prove the strength of feeling by people concerned about rural affairs. It was all most peaceful and good spirited despite a small gathering of people who strongly believe fox hunting should be banned. All the people to whom I spoke on the day were there because they believed in liberty and freedom for the individual to choose their own particular country pursuit. I am in full agreement with this choice.

  • Newspapers full of Countryside March. 400,000 people marched in London to protest erosion of country life. Rural Affairs minister "can't understand why they marched" - that's precisely why they did.

  • Met Tom and Jan for coffee. They were staying in the caravan but admitted it was a bit cold last night. They were surprised when I said I had been on the Countryside March in London yesterday. Well, our forebears had all been farmers, and I felt I wanted to be part of it. Whether it will make any difference is another thing, but at least it showed that the people in the country are not going to be walked over and that they should be considered in the general scheme of things.

  • Mum came downstairs and said she'd just got off the phone to an old friend who said they had seen me on the front page of the Daily Telegraph marching for liberty and livelihood. That put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

  • Went to Kington to fill car with LPG (liquid petroleum gas) and to return wheelchair borrowed for disabled supporter of last Sunday's 'Liberty and Livelihood' march in London.

  • My legs seem rather stiff after the miles walked in London on Sunday on the Liberty and Livelihood rally. Think I've also caught a cold from one of the other marchers on the coach as I now have a sore throat.

  • Two rescue sheepdogs, victims of the current changes in agricultural policy (they should have marched with the Countryside Alliance on Sunday!) rouse me from the warmth of my duvet.

  • Up by 7.30am feeling tired and legs still sore after Sunday's long day at Liberty and Livelihood march in London . . . Bryan and I went to dismantle the poster board we'd put up advertising the Liberty and Livelihood march. It was 20' x 8'. It was in a friend's field on the A470 between Builth and Erwood - easier dismantling than erecting.

  • [We] went on the Countryside Alliance Liberty and Livelihood March in London on Sunday: we walked, or shuffled for 6.5 hours amongst 407,000 people from all over the UK and our legs were subsequently rather stiff!

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