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September 24th 2002 was an active day for two of the Wildlife Trusts of Powys - the Radnorshire and the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trusts. The Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust was opening a new nature reserve on that day and some diarists were attending this, although there was some consternation about the punctuality of the VIP in attendance.

  • Illus. By Rob Davies
    Burfa Bog
    Burfa Bog Nature Reserve near Evenjobb
    Burfa Bog
    Burfa Bog Nature Reserve near Evenjobb
    Then a friend called by on his way to the launch of the Local Biodiversity Action plan at Maesmawr Hall Hotel near Caersws and then to the opening of Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust's new reserve at Gravels near Llandinam.

  • 1pm Proceeded to Llandinam to attend official opening (3pm) Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust's new nature reserve 'Llandinam Gravels'. Opening preceded by guided tour (1.30pm). Informative leaflet given out detailing history of River Severn and its possible future. A brilliant afternoon. Take several photographs. Sue Essex - Environment Minister from Assembly in Cardiff is almost an hour late. Among 80-100 people attending, a minibus full of children who planted 500+ whips of black poplar at west end of the 90 acre reserve; are taken home before she arrives!

  • Then home for a quick sandwich lunch in order to get to the recently acquired Llandinam Gravels Nature reserve at 1.30pm. This reserve is now owned by the Montgomeryshire Wildlife trust, of which my husband and I are members. Following a guided tour around part of the new reserve we returned to the car park for the official opening at 3pm by Mrs Sue Essex, the Minister for the Environment for the Welsh Assembly. She was 45 minutes late!

  • Early lunch 11.45 then by car with wife to Llandinam for conducted walk around the newly purchased Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust Nature reserve. This was followed by official opening ceremony by Sue Essex - Assembly member and Environment minister who was about ¾ hour late.

Another diarist was involved with voluntary work for the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust.

  • 9.30- 10am Drove to Burfa Bog (Radnorshire Wildlife trust Nature reserve).
    10am - 4pm Voluntary work on reserve (as every Tuesday in different places). This week's task - to construct a boardwalk across a boggy area on either side of a bridge over a small stream. My part in the work: bolting timbers together at each end of bridge, nailing board across main timbers to form surface of boardwalk, stapling wire netting to surface to make it less slippery, attaching hand rails at sides.

While another is a visitor:

  • A magical afternoon awaits me at Gilfach, an ancient farm by the Marteg river, now restored and protected by the local wildlife trust. Bejewelled rowans glow against a craggy backdrop of gorse and fading heather. Along the dismantled railway line a ghostly steam train tracks me, clanking carriages carry coal to the fleet at Scapa Flow.

Click here for a day in the life of the chairman of the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust.

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