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The majority of our diarists mentioned watching television in the evening, in particular a soccer match between Manchester United and Bayer Leverkusen. This is a selection of home entertainments which were mentioned.

  • Illus. By Rob Davies
    Ruby and I went upstairs to play on the Game Cube. The game we played on was The Simpsons Road Rage and it was really fun. Then we went downstairs to watch telly and then Ruby and I played Frustration and Ruby won. The Ruby had to go home because her mum was here. When Ruby was gone I watched telly for a bit then mum played Frustration and Guess Who with me and she won both the games.

  • Spent most of the morning on website on Scout site printing off games that the cubs can play on Fridays . . . 4pm Children came home and watched TV and played on Nintendo computer game.

  • 7.01pm Went on the Playstation and played Harry Potter.
    7.30pm Finished playing on the Playstation and went on the Internet
    9.30pm Stopped playing on the computer and wrote this.

  • Cooked sausage and chips for tea, watched Emmerdale and then my husband watched a football match between Manchester Untitled and some German team. Football, football since we had Sky television. I did a few jobs then went to bed about 11pm. Read a few articles in National Geographic. April issue. Must get on with reading the rest.

  • Switch from my daily diet of Radio 5 to Radio 4 at 7pm for the 'Archers'. Nothing much else on the radio as Radio 3 and 2 seem to go 'off' about 7pm. Being TV-less we chat and read the Daily Telegraph. Attempt the crossword and then take my developing cold to bed early as I don't feel up to concentrating on any spinning tonight.

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