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Quite a few diarists had funerals to attend or arrange.

  • Spoke to mother-in-law re: funeral arrangements for her mother who died yesterday in her mid 80s.

  • Holy Trinity Church, Llandrindod Wells
    Holy Trinity Church, Llandrindod Wells
    I'm a "non-teaching classroom assistant" in a primary school, working with mainly 8 year olds. Very often I help with class work but this week I was painting wall boards for work to be displayed. This morning's board was yellow and I ended up with speckles of yellow gloss paint on my hands and arms - which I was very conscious of as I was going to a funeral that afternoon! Trinity Church was cold and it was all very sad, with the loss of a very dear lady. She was 81 when she died which in some ways was a good age, but it felt too soon. Her son read two poems and we sang hymns and thought about all the happy memories of her. She was going to Aberystwyth to be cremated and it was lovely to think of the journey in the sun, ending up by the sea.

  • Mynd i angladd fy nghefnder yng Nghapel y Graig efo Nora, fy ngwraig, a'm chwaer, Carwen.

  • Get changed into 'funeral frock'. Find husband's black tie. Brother-in-law arrives. Off in car to Shrewsbury Crematorium for 3.20pm. Meet up with 60 relatives. We are at the funeral of one of my husband's aunts, aged 87. Lovely service, wonderful singing. "Calan Lan" raised the roof. Back to Sweeney Hall Hotel for the funeral tea. Lovely to see the family.

  • I have a funeral to attend. Can't find space to park in time, due to traffic jam caused by lorries unloading, so miss funeral.
Illus. By Rob Davies

Other diarists were attending graves.

  • I went to the cemetery by car with my son and brother who had come from Swansea and Bishops Castle. They cut the grass all around the ten family graves and I washed and polished the headstones and put on lovely artificial flowers and leaves.

  • My brother who I haven't seen for two years is coming to see us tomorrow. They've spent a week at their caravan and coming probably to visit Mom and Dad's grave.


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