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Early Film Shows

Modern cinema began in 1891, when Thomas Edison patented the kinetoscope and kinetograph (see for more details). In December 1895, the Lumiere Brothers premiered the Cinematographe in Paris. By the late 1890s, early films were being shown at Machynlleth Town Hall. At first, they were combined with other entertainments, as with the travelling show of Lieut Walter Cole:

Cole's Improved Animated Photos
Cole's Delightful Ventriloquial Recitals and Humorous Mimetic Entertainments"
Powys County Archives
Telegram from Baring, Cheltenham Telegram from Baring, Cheltenham
Powys County Archives

In their telegram of 2nd February 1899, the agents Baring Bros of Cheltenham are concerned that their show should not follow too closely on the heels of the previous one:

"Wire vacant dates from Octr 26 onwards. Have any animated photos been lately? Baring, Cheltenham"

As the flyer below shows, Mr Baring made great claims for his travelling picture shows:

and a wide variety of subjects was available:

Slade's Electro-Photo Marvel
"Slade's Electro-Photo Marvel, Animated Pictures"
Powys County Archives

Scenes from the Great Diamond Jubilee Procession
"Scenes from the Great Diamond Jubilee Procession"
Powys County Archives

Demeny, who made Mr Slade's apparatus, was a minor but significant figure in the development of cinema. More information on him can be found here: