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Berriew canal
The canal at Berriew
Illus. By Rob Davies
Illus. By Rob Davies
Illus. By Rob Davies

September 24th 2002 was an exceptionally bright, sunny day and many diarists took the opportunity to take walks in the Powys countryside.

  • After tea we will walk up to Powis Castle and call for a drink from Spar on the way home.

  • We then went on to Berriew for a short walk along the canal towpath and over the Berriew aqueduct. The two swans we saw on the canal had two cygnets with them. It was a lovely sunny day but in the shade the wind felt quite cool, reminding us that yesterday was the first day of autumn.
  • Up at 8.00 - last night my husband and I decided we would get the 9.30 bus to Knighton and walk back to Kinnerton via Offa's Dyke, if the weather was good. It was a beautiful morning, so we would go. Having got breakfast of tea, muesli and cereal I made sandwiches for our picnic lunch - wholemeal bread, cheese, Marmite (a yeast extract) salad etc, bananas for energy, a few buns and a flask of coffee and a bottle of water each.
  • We duly went to get the bus from outside the village hall but the timetable for the buses seemed to have been changed since we last did this walk, so we decided to change our plans and walked from Kinnerton to Beggar's bush - then via Offa's Dyke to Rhos-y-Meirch - the countryside was beautiful with extensive clear views in all directions.

    En route to Offa's Dyke via Discoed we passed a most magnificent old oak tree near the Dyke. We stopped and wondered what changes have happened in the world since this first grew there; in contrast, the modest harebells were growing in the dry grass. Buzzards and ravens were competing with each other overhead - all beautiful in their own way. The temperature was just right for walking, crisp wind and warm sunshine.

    We have lived in this area (since we retired from work) for 5 years but we still can hardly believe we are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. On our way up the hill above Dolly we met another walker who stopped to talk. He lived in Cascob and he also expressed the same sentiments about this area. We also met a very fit young man running - he had no time for conversation!

    From Rhos-y-Meirch we climbed over the hill to Pilleth, the site of the famous battle in 1402. Man never learns - we are still talking of war. We had our lunch near the motte and bailey, then up Llan Fawr through head-high bracken to Cascob - up hill yet again, over the top of Ednol and back home by 4ish for many cups of tea . . . we had walked about 14 miles!

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