Brass Band, Rhayader
Brass Band in Rhayader, standing in front of the market hall
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Musicians in Welshpool

The 1891 census reveals a clutch of visiting musicians staying at a lodging house at 33 Mount Street, Welshpool. The census does not detail what type of musicians they were, but the house perhaps had a reputation in the musical fraternity as it attracted not only a visiting German band but also a London ballad singer to stay there along with all the travelling salesmen.

1891 Census
33 Mount Street, Welshpool
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of Birth
David Williams Head Widower 65 Lodging house keeper Llanfechan
Edwin Williams Grandson   12   Welshpool
John Clayton Lodger S 50 Ballad Singer London
Robert McNulty Lodger S 45 Pedlar Birmingham
Charles Morton Lodger S 51 Drover ?
James Maloney Lodger S 18 Pedlar Malpas
George Harris Lodger S 40 Pedlar London
John Connolly Lodger S 28 Pedlar Ireland Sligotown
Mary Connor Lodger S 30 Pedlar Liverpool
William Johnson Lodger S 42 Pedlar London
Henry Smith Lodger S 50 Pedlar Shrewsbury
Elizabeth Smith Lodger S 45 Pedlar Shrewsbury
Jacob Decker Lodger S 22 Musician Bavaria Germany
Peter Decker Lodger S 15 Musician Bavaria Germany
Ludwig Weber Lodger S 18 Musician Bavaria Germany
Jacob Theobald Lodger S 14 Musician Bavaria Germany
Jacob Brown Lodger S 35 Musician Bavaria Germany