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Builth Wells School

These are some extracts of diaries from Builth Wells County Primary School. The staff and pupils dressed up in Victorian costume for diary day, and some of the pupils enjoyed a Victorian high tea with the local press. The school put a web page up on their web site of their day.

  • The Headmaster
    The Headmaster
    Victorian High Tea
    Victorian High Tea
    Victorian High Tea
    Victorian High Tea
    Victorian High Tea
    Victorian High Tea
    (Year 1) For my dinner I had marmite sandwiches. This afternoon we made pictures with wax crayons. We had a Victorian tea party.
  • (Year 1) In maths we practised counting and did adding sums.
  • (Year 3) I went to school at half 8. I walked to Builth Primary School with my mum. When I go there I [had] registration then I went to assembly. I had maths. Then I went out to play. When I came in from play I had photos with Mr. J_ and language with Mrs. W_. I had roast turkey for dinner.
  • (Year 3) After dinner play I went to Mrs J_'s class for science until afternoon play. I had art with Mrs. W_. I coloured some Victorian clothes. Then it was home time.
  • (Year 3) We went to dinner. I had roast lamb, roast potato, peas, and gravy.
  • (Year 4) I got my shoes on and went to school. Mrs. W_ did the register and I went to the hall. After that I did some work which was about maths. We went out to play. When the whistle went we lined up and went in to class. We were in Mrs. J_'s class and she read us a book. The bell rang for dinner time. My dinner was yummy. Then we went out to play and the bell rang so we lined up and went in to class. We had art in Mrs. W_'s class. We had to make a photo frame. After it was play time again and after play time the bell went and we went into class. We were in Mrs. J_'s class doing work. The bell went for bus and K_ and S_ went on the bus and then the bell went for home time. We stood up and did the prayer and went to see Auntie R_ who took me to the swimming pool and got changed. I went to get in the pool and then my mum came to get me. We went home and watched TV.
  • (Year 4) We had dinner. We had roast chicken, roasties, potatoes, peas and chocolate donuts. Then it came to the last play. We all watched the conker fight. Then the bell went.

  • (Year 4) I got dressed with my sisters and then I went to school. My dad said I looked very nice and he said goodby but I left my hat in the truck. It had feathers and it was a red hat. It was a pink one too. I came in to school. I went to assembly. I went outside for play time and everybody looked very posh. We all came in. We had maths with Mrs. J_. We went to dinner time. I had a lovely dinner. We went out to play and then I did art. I went home and then I went out to play with K_, K_ and C_. My mum was looking at old school photographs of my dad, my uncle and my mum. The worst thing of all was when my dad had been food poisoned from Chinese.

  • (Year 4) I woke up my sister E_ and she took me up to the bus stop and it was cold. Then the bus was here and then I got on the bus and it was hot. Then we were at school and we had the register.

  • (Year 4) I went to assembly and Mr. B_ told us about the rules of Victorian times in school.

  • (Year 4) After play time it was Welsh. For Welsh we had to write a few sentances about ourselves.
  • (Year 6 - A Day in the Life on a Sunday) Me, Z_, J_ my brother and my dad P_ all got in the car and went to a place called Oakwood. We got there at 10.30. When we got there, me and Z_ ran to Megabobia and me and Z_ sat at the back, then we all went on Bounce and the Pirate Ship. It was then dinner time. We all had chicken burgers. We then went on some more rides and then at 4.50 me, Z_, J_ and my dad went on a ride called Hydro, it is a water ride and you get very wet, it is the tallest and steepest in Europe.

  • (Year 6 - A Day in the Life on a Saturday) In the morning we went to Hereford shopping for clothes, me, mum and my two sisters. I saw my best friend S_ and her twin sister S_ and their mum and dad. For lunch at 12.30pm we had lunch at MacDonalds - 6 chicken nuggets and chips and coca cola with my family. In the afternoon we carried on shopping, buying rugby boots, socks, shorts, Welsh top black one with redstone on. For tea at 4.00pm we had turkey sandwiches and squash on the way home from Hereford.

  • (Year 6 - A Day in the Life on a Sunday) After breakfast I put my rugby kit in my bag and left my house to catch the bus. When we finally got there, we got changed and got ready for our first game which was against Brecon. we beat them easy 25 - 0. Then came our next game against Risca. They were a lot harder than Brecon. We just beat them by one try. And then we came to the semi-final against Merthyr, our hardest game yet. We just beat them 10 - 0. We were in the final against Caerphilly. They were very hard to beat but with a superb break away try by our scrum half O_ we settled the game by winning 5 - 0, and also winning the whole tournament. We came home with a massive trophy. I also won player of the tournament.

    (Reception) For breakfast this morning 13 of us had cereal to eat, 6 of us had toast or bread, and 1 of us had fruit. 13 of us came to school in a car and 7 of us walked here.
    Our classromm looked different today because Miss T_ had put our tables in rows like in Victorian times. We had to stand up if a grown up came into the room and call them Sir or Ma-am. We could only speak if we were asked a question and had to stand up before we spoke. We had our photograph taken and later we saw it on the computer on the school web site.
    At lunch time 11 of us had a packed lunch and 9 of us had school dinner. Today it was roast turkey, peas, potato and gravy with a chocolate doughnut for pudding.
    Usually on a Tuesday after lunch we go into the hall for gymnastics but because today is a special day the hall is being used for a Victorian tea party, so we had to stay in our classroom. We talked about all the things we did this morning and what we will do when we go home, then we went outside into the courtyard to play in the sunshine. Then Miss Thomas read us the story of the Gingerbread Man and it was time to go home.
    Most of us were met by our Mum or Dad, but 4 of us went to the Busy Bees After School Club.
    After school we like to watch television or a video or play with our friends or our toys until bed time.


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