Trefonnen School diaries IV

Trefonnen diary 4

We played football and I had to eat cheese and onion crisps and pepperoni.
Came back into school in class.
12.30 lunchtime, we played football.
We went in for dinner. I had turkey roast an a doughnut.
We went out and walked round the field.
Came in to class. Has a drink and did the register.
We did reading. 1.45 we got showed books.
Art 2.00. Art mixed shades of colour with ready mixed paint.
Mrs Edmunds gave us a chocolate bar. I cleaned up for Mrs Baynham.
3.30 I went and put my reading folder in my bag.
3.45 I walked home from school.
3.50 I went out to play football
5.00 I played on the green at the park.
6.00 I went for a walk with my friend Amy.
7.30 I got my blades on and went for a blade ride.
My mum came out to look for me at 8.05 and I watched Eastenders.

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