Day in the life of Gladestry School

1891 In the General report for the year 1892 based on schools awarded Government grants in 1891 there were 52 elementary schools in Radnorshire. One of which was Gladestry school which is listed as follows: Gladestry -National School with accommodation for 87 scholars.

On the 24th March 1891 Certified Teacher, J .Lupton, reported in the School Log Book of Gladestry School: School Examined today by Mr C.R.Cowling

1891 Census
Lane House, Gladestry
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of Birth
Joseph John Lupton Head M 35 National Schoolmaster London Middlesex
Elizabeth Lupton Wife M 35   Buckinghamshire Bucks
Harold Joseph Lupton Son S 8 Scholar Radnorshire Gladestry
William Ernest Lupton Son S 5 Scholar Radnorshire Gladestry
Frances Gertrude Lupton Daur S 2 mo   Radnorshire Gladestry

Whilst he was at the school Mr Cowling himself wrote in the log book a list of songs and poetry for examination in 1891-2 and a list of Object Lessons ". . . to be given to the school at least once a week. The names and dates of such lessons to be recorded in the Log Book."

The school's income for the coming year was dependent on the outcome of the report, only if the report were favourable would any Government Grant be made. Mr Cowlings report was received on April 22nd and was on the whole quite favourable but as can be seen the needlework was not up to standard and only a partial grant was made for that subject.

For the coming year Gladestry School was to receive an Annual Grant of £33.13.6d. made up as follows:-

Principal or Main Grant 12/6d. per pupil
Discipline and Organisation 1/6d per pupil
For singing (by ear) 6d per pupil
Giving a total of 14/6d per pupil which based on an average attendance of 45 pupils giving a total of £32.12.6d.

There was also a £ 1.1 s grant for needlework based on the average attendance of girl pupils.
Giving a grand total of £33.13.6d.

In 1891 they received no grant for Singing by Note or Class subjects and from the report we see the needlework was not up to standard so they received nothing for needlework. Had each of these subjects been satisfactory it could have meant another 3/- per child. We can see the importance laid on needlework in preparing the girls for home duties, dress making and domestic service when they left school.

In another document we have a list of the school's income for 1891made up as follows:

School Pence. (Each pupil paid 1d. a week to attend school*) £11.19.4d
Voluntary Rate (On landowners)
£5 Government Grant £33.13.6d.
Church Subscription £8.13.10
Making a total of£58.13.10d for the year.

It is of interest to note that this practise was discontinued from 1st September 1891 as noted in the Log Book that the School Managers decided to accept the Grant offered by the Education Dept.

Free schooling

August 31st.

Started school again this morning, but with small attendance. Rev C Grey came in and gave notice that the schooling would now be free to all (from 3-15), the Managers having accepted the fee grant offered by the Education Department.

Only 5 new pupils were admitted to Gladestry School in 1891 of these 4 were 5 years old, or almost 5 and 1 was 7. Some Log Book entries for 1891;

Jan. 28th A whole holiday. Concert to be given in the Room in aid of the Church Tower.
Jan. 30th Mr Jones, Receiving Officer call this afternoon to pay school fees for W.Meredith.
Feb. 7th A stone placed in the School today. It is one of Port way's Patent "Tortoise".
Feb. 27th Stove guard and coke crusher for school brought today.
Mar. 10th No School today, a deep snow preventing the children (most of whom come a long distance) from attending; only 9 present.
Mar. 20th The clock in the school needs cleaning. It has stopped during the cold weather.
April 22nd A whole holiday today, Room wanted for a Concert in aid of School Funds. Report received today (from Ed. Dept!)
May 11th May Fair at Kington. A day's holiday
May 22nd Weather very much against good attendance, consequently average very poor.
May 29th No school today, only 12 came.
June 1st Have closed school for week owing to Influenza being prevalent.
June 14th School closed a fortnight owing to great sickness in the parish, most of the children ill with influenza.
June 18th Agricultural Show at Kington, about a dozen present so closed for today.
June 25th Half holiday room wanted for Baptist Ed. meeting.
July 31st Broke up today for Summer Holidays. ( 4wks) which would have been more only school was closed for a fortnight previously owing to Influenza.
Aug. 31st Started School again this morning but with small attendance. Rev. C.F.Grey came in and gave notice that the Schooling would now be free to all from 1.15. The Managers having accepted the Fee Grant offered by Ed. Department.
Sept. 28th Mr C.F.Blakeley came in this afternoon advocated a holiday till next week, so few present. Most of the children away in fields harvesting. Saw Mr Wilson in evening, to give up for the week if no more came in the morning.
Oct. 23rd Average does not improve much. Whooping Cough is rather prevalent.
Nov. 4th Harvest Thanksgiving at Church. Whole holiday given.
Nov. 13th Huntington Fair. Low numbers.
Nov. 18th Half Holiday. Room wanted for concert in aid of Baptist Chapel.
Dec. 22nd Dead Poultry Market, gave half holiday attendance being so small.
Dec. 24th Gave a few days holiday for Christmas.

Sadie Cole