A day in the life of a Head Teacher III

September 24th - what a day, busy as usual with too much to do and not enough time to do it all. I arrived at school at 8.30am as usual and started the usual paperwork in the school office. The Out of School Breakfast Club was in full swing in the hall. Seven children were enjoying before morning school started at 9.15am.

Illustration by Rob Davies

The it was on to the first lesson of the day - numeracy. As a class we investigated how long everyone slept in a week, some found to their surprise that they were asleep longer than they were awake. I was not surprised to learn how little sleep I have time for in the week.

Throughout the afternoon I liased with the workmen on site who were completing the installation of the new mobile classroom. By 2pm it was internally complete and there was great excitement when the men started to move Class 5's furniture and equipment in. The 25th would be a new day in a new class!

Back to the office and it was the time of the year to balance the school funds. The secretary had already started work on them. They were balanced by hometime but the additional paperwork meant it was 7.30pm before they were ready to present to the auditor and I could go home.