A day in the life of a Head of History

I got up at 7 as usual this morning and before coming to work put a load of washing on the line and prepared sandwiches for myself, daughter and husband's lunch. I arrived at school by 8.20am and went to see the Assistant Head Teacher about the preparations and plans for our 'diary day'. I was in charge of organising the event and therefore had to make sure that all the administrative plans were in order. I organised my tutor groups after assembly and sent them on their way with their diaries for their first lesson.

My day's teaching:

Year 7 Lesson 1. Local History. A lesson about the number of relatives of pupils who used to work in a coalmine. We constructed a graph based on the pupil's evidence. A successful lesson though some pupils managed to misinterpret my instructions and get the graph scale wrong.

Illustration by Rob Davies

Year 11 Lesson 2. A lesson based on Swansea during the Blitz using video evidence and footage from the time. The highlight of the lesson for some pupils seemed to be a collection given by a pensioner of his wartime experience whereby he found a crashed German plane. Near the plane he found a German pilot's glove and when he looked inside two fingers were still intact inside! Great amusement for the class and somehow gave a lighter touch to a very serious subject.

Year 10 Lesson 3. Crime and punishment: the Tudor crime of piracy. We looked at the various aspects of piracy and well known pirates such as henry Morgan and Bartholomew Roberts. A straightforward lesson involving discussion and answering questions.

Year 12 Lesson 4.The pupils are preparing a presentation on the political parties in the General Election of 1929. I took them to the computer room as they are going to use 'Power Point'. This is an exciting new development for the school. The students will be able to use the new community resource centre to present their work in an up to date professional format. A very good lesson - for some of the pupils it was the first time that they had used Power Point. It was satisfying to see their confidence grow with using the system.

I finished my school day with a free period in which I caught up with some marking and ensured that all the resources were ready for my lessons tomorrow.

Left for home at 4.00, with my daughter who is in the sixth form at my school. We had a snack then went to play tennis at six o'clock. Back by 7.30, did some reading then watched a film until 10.00 when I went to bed.