High School Diaries III

Illustration by Rob Davies

I woke up early this morning because it is a special day for me. It's my birthday. I got dressed and went downstairs to open my presents and cards. My main present off my mum and dad was a Playstation 2 which I had been waiting for, for a long time. I was very excited. My brother gave me a device which prints your initials on golf balls. It is brilliant. Afterwards I ate my breakfast and set off for school.

First lesson I had maths which was great. I then had science in which I had studied electricity. I had break next. The weather was brilliant compared to the cold misty morning. Third lesson we started our practical in woodwork. More fun came in art when we did perspective drawing. After the morning I was hungry so I ate a big roast chicken dinner. We went to write a French email in the IT room for French. Last but by no means least we had English where I started writing this diary entry.

After English I started walking home with my friends who I walk to school with and home from school, every day. We discussed our school day. It takes me 20 minutes to walk home. Now and then before I reach my house I pop into a shop which sells games for various different consoles.

I finally reached home and played on my Playstation 2 on a game called Stuntman. The graphics are amazing. I really enjoy playing on Stuntman. At about 5 o'clock I came off and ate my tea. I had barbecued pork ribs, chips and beans. It was delicious. I watched telly for a while until I had to get ready for my football practice which starts at 6 o'clock and finishes at 7 o'clock. It was excellent. First we did a few drills to get warmed up, like the passing the ball in a circle and then running to where you've kicked it to. Towards the end we played a 20 minute match. It was very competitive but in the end my team won 2 - 1!

When I reached home I had a shower and watched Eastenders. Then I had a game of table tennis with my brother and of course I won. Soon after I finished my English homework then read my book. My book is The Rock's autobiography. The Rock is a famous wrestler and I am really enjoying his book. It is very interesting. I read a chapter which was a very long one and took me half an hour to read.

I then brushed my teeth and watched half an hour of television afterwards. It was about quarter past nine when I went to bed to sleep on my new mattress which I had the day before.


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