High School Diaries IX

I woke up with a start. Glanced at alarm clock. It was eight o'clock. I was late, very late. I sat up rigid. I had fifteen minutes. The clock was ticking. Rushed into bathroom, noticed hair was resembling in side of a chip pan, oh brilliant. Dashed into shower. Stepped out of shower, wrapped a towel around myself and made a brave attempt to comb my hair - easier said than done!

This palaver left me with four minutes in which to change (also decide what to wear), eat breakfast, sort out dinner money, collect games kit, dry hair and shut dog in as I'm not bringing her too, which takes a minimum of three minutes on a very good day, which today of course wasn't. I decided it was impossible so reverted to option B - I rushed downstairs and smiled sweetly at my mum, hoping this out-of-character rush of bonhomie would work. Made use of meals on wheels, as I sat in the van eating my peanut butter on toast. Arrived in time for the bus, with - who'd have guessed it - two minutes to spare. My mum is a miracle worker.

Illustration by Rob Davies

Sat at the back of the bus on the back seat (now we're sixth formers, there's no question whatever that we sit at the back. RESPECT! I love it!)

During registration the teacher told us that today we're going to make history. When he announced,
"Eat you heart out Bridget Jones." He'd won me over. A challenge too hard to resist!

First lesson was chemistry. As yet we haven't blown anything up, but we are working on it.

Next period was free, great! My friend and I promised each other last night that today we were definitely going to attend the gym. This resulted in a few raised eyebrows, to say the least! We energetically strode over to the sport's centre, eager to begin. To our dismay we found we had to have an induction during breaktime. This was not going to deter us, fifth lesson was free!

After our induction, the new very Welsh PE teacher told us that we were first to obtain passes, as even though people had had induction sessions before, we were the first this year and the passes were a new system. Fame, were impressed!

There was then just enough time for chocolate cake with chocolate chips in. Lovely! Then I went to German, where we looked at Attereinschiänkingen (age restrictions!) This included driving, voting and name changing. Hey - few can say my name properly, even fewer can spell it! There's a point, it's nice to be different!

Lunch consisted of tomato and pasta bake and a chat about the forthcoming NRG at the community centre on Friday night. A term Year 12 use for this is 'comming it'. 'Memming it' involves going to the Memorial Hall! In the Yearbook 2002 last year, Oxford English Dictionary next?

The bell rang for last lesson and we were ready to go, equipped with newly gained GYM PASSES. We changed in the small part of the changing room where everyone put their handprint on the wall last year to raise money for charity. The decision to change here was made after seeing the rest of the changing room full of school uniform. This should have been a clue, but we presumed that as it was such a gloriously sunny day, they would be out enjoying the unseasonal weather, perhaps netball or jogging, but we were wrong.

The gym was teeming with sweaty Year 11s. Typical. There was no room for us. Our goodspirited intentions went to waste, our trip was never meant to be. Fitness put on hold yet again!

I climbed on the bus feeling quite exhausted, trying to do exercise can be so challenging! But then again could have something to do with processing in London on the Liberty and Livelihood march on Sunday! The Queen was at home, hope she noticed us! Also took German exchange partner, don't know what she thought of it but she looked happy. My mum, who speaks nil German thought she'd okayed it anyway with her parents!

I chatted to my friend (back seat again!) about the earthquake that happened early Monday morning. She hadn't felt it either. She was rather annoyed she'd missed it, as it would have been something impressive to tell the grandchildren! Some of my other friends are convinced it is a conspiracy to trick us all. I tell them they're getting cynical in their old age. There definitely was one, as Mum and Dad were awoken by a low rumbling noise. They thought the roof of the shed was falling in!

I went to Gran's house for tea, as I walked through the door the smell of frying chicken wafted towards me, delicious! Pudding was stewed blackcurrants and thick custard. My Gran knows what I like!

At home I did my biology homework, checked my emails, watched Eastenders and here I am.

There you have it, an average day in my life.

All that's left to say is I'm going to bed now through my little sister's bedroom/lime green permanent party zone complete with CD player, disco lights, fibre optic lamp and bubble lamp - not for the epileptic or those of a nervous disposition. Next, through middle sister's, who is surgically attached to her mobile phone. GOODNITE appears on the screen as I walk past.

Then into my own haven of tranquility - warm and cosy owing to the wonders of double glazing and central heating! I set my alarm clock to a trumpet fanfare, I will wake up at the right time tomorrow!