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High School Diaries VIII

These are extracts from diaries of students at a Radnorshire High School.

  • Today I got up at 7.30, which is pretty early for me. I had a bit of a headache but nothing a paracetamol can't handle! When I was eating my breakfast I felt a bit sick but when I started to walk down the road the fresh air helped to clear away my aching head and sick feeling. Maths was my first lesson. I find it quite hard. Things change each lesson and it's so hard to get a grip on the topic. English was second. I enjoy English (I'm not just saying that because my English teacher's reading this!) We're doing ' A Midsummer Night's Dream' at the moment, by Shakespeare. I think he's a good writer. I also like to read Charles Dickens! I had a good day today. My friends and I had a really fun time. They're really good friends and I wouldn't swap 'em for the world!

  • Illustration by Rob Davies
    Today at school we had some C.A.T. tests. Although I don't know what C.A.T. stands for I enjoyed them and whipped through them quite quickly. Once we had finished them I went home as usual on the coach. I'm just getting used to this, and besides, I've got another five years of this. When I got home, because it was a warm sunny day I decided to go out on my skateboard. When I got bored of that I came in to watch The Simpsons while eating my tea. For my tea, mum gave me chicken again. Why does she do that? She knows I don't eat it. After tea my dad was watching the Man U v B Leverkusen match (which ended as a 2-1 score). I couldn't watch my favourite programmes for the rest of the night.

  • Today was like any other day at my school. Children pushing and pulling. I tried working my way up the corridor but I couldn't. They push me backwards instead of forewards. In the end the bell went. I rushed my way up the stairs to the second floor. Our teacher was standing by the door. He said "Come in, class". In a deep voice he said our names, one by one, to see if we were there or not. This happens every day. Then the bell went again to say it's next lesson. You can hear chairs moving above us and footsteps.

  • Today was the usual but when I got into school I forgot that it was the big test today. I came unprepared as I went into the big hall and sat down. And then my table collapsed on the floor and all the 200 people were looking at me. I did not know if I should make a move. But slowly I picked up my table and carried on. The teacher looked very cross but he did not say anything. And there was a big boy's fight. It started with this shoe, and the boys got bigger and bigger until the caretaker stopped the boy's fight. When it was the end of the day my friend showed me the secret way to his field. My mum just gave me a bottle of orange Fanta - just gave it to me for no reason whatsoever.

  • Illustration by Rob Davies
    I woke up this morning and all I could hear were squeaks and yelps. I finally realised my dog had puppies. I waited until she'd finished her litter then I counted how many she'd had altogether. She'd had 9. After school I had another hour with the puppies. I fussed over them and over my dog. There were 3 black dogs and 6 black bitches. They were all labradors. Funnily enough I fell asleep with these puppies. After a while I woke up and there were a few wet patches over me. After school that day I built a racing car track because I was thinking of getting the Ford Focus racing car - a radio controlled on for having races with my brother.

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