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Other teachers

Two dance teachers sent in diaries. The first ran her own school:

  • I am a self employed dance teacher running my own school. I spent the morning at home doing paperwork and preparing lessons. In the afternoon I travelled to --- Primary School to teach children tap and ballet. I then returned home where I taught three children, giving them private lessons each.

The second taught in a secondary school:

  • I teach dance - all the pupils, boys and girls in the first three years of high school have to do it. It's hard work - the culture is against boys dancing - but I try to make it fun and exciting and a challenge. I haven't failed yet! I also teach maths to 2 groups who really struggle, again hard work. I wouldn't really want to do anything else!
Illustration by Rob Davies

One retired woman taught a subject very much on the 1891 agenda:

  • In the afternoon went to school to do sewing with the children.

And another

  • Gave a piano lesson to a sweet friend of 83, between 11.30 and 1 o'clock…………..Back home in time for a quick cup of tea before my first piano pupil arrives from local school, ½ hour each lesson - the next for a theory lesson. The next three from local schools. This brings me to 6.30, the evening's teaching over.

Another was a supply teacher.

  • Walk down to ------Primary School to discuss teaching day tomorrow (I am a supply teacher, covering for other teacher's absences).

This lady was the chairman of the school governors:

  • 11 o'clock school (chairman of governors) a history day photo call, shown different class projects, very interesting, children enjoying themselves.
    Welsh costume
    The diarist in her Welsh Costume


Another lady, although retired from teaching, was helping out in her local school:

  • I dressed up in my Welsh costume and walked through the town on my way to the local primary school. A few tourists asked if they could take my photograph. The school-children were enjoying a History Day. My Welsh costume is over 100 years old and has been handed down in my family. It is from Carmarthenshire. All the children sat in the school hall. I told them all about the old clothes - the flannel skirt, the aprons and the woollen shawls. I showed them how to nurse a baby in the 'Welsh fashion'. The hat is made of beaver skin and is about 120 years old.

    The children were very interested. I did enjoy myself. What a lovely afternoon!

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