Presteigne School diaries V

This is a diary of a 9 year old.

7.00 - I woke up with the feel of sharp claws and I saw a blur of a figure slowly. I saw it more clearly then, it was my cat, Maisy. I thought, oh great, it's school today then got all my newly washed and fresh uniform on.

9.00 - I was all packed up in my tough, yellow, tattered fleece and my scratched shoes and my full jam-packed school bag which looked like I was going on a camping holiday. My mum and I opened our old wooden creeky door and set off on our journey to school. I felt very cold and as though I had icicles on my fingers and eyelashes. At last we got to school. It took us about 10 minutes to get there. It was all the same, the green boring gates and the silver metal fences which felt like you were imprisoned from the beautiful countryside. I got all the way around the car park, and smelt the same smell that I smell day after day after day, so I slowly walked across the plain, grey tarmac and around the orange new bricks that had cement slapped on the top to make the extension building and went through the dusty glass doors.

10.00 - Mr C__ asked M__ to give out the calculators which had a yellow scratched bag with a rough surface like new laid gravel. Ah, then we come to the actual calculator, it had a smooth light blue colour with yellow square keypad which was very bright compared to the dark blue.

12.00 - Oh great, it's Welsh. We played with our teacher's rugby ball and we learnt about job names.

2.00 - We had swimming and we had to go into Mrs B__'s class because we were making too much noise.

3.30 - At last it's home time. I walked home by myself and crossed with the lollipop lady. When I got home I heard the dog bark and scratch on the door.

4.50 - I am just playing with my friends on the trampoline and it's one of those big ones. We weren't allowed to go on it before because it had holes in.

5.00 - I had to be coming in now. Mum's put sweet and sour chicken on the stove. While I was waiting I watched my video of Buffy. I was nice and snug watching it.

6.30 - At last it was tea. Mum served me with my bowl full. Once again I had to do the drinks. I spilt a bit but it was only a drip.

8.00 - HHA! I'm really tired so I got my p.j's on and snuggled up in bed listening to 'The Twits' on tape.



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