A day in the life of a Primary School Teacher I Struggled to get up this morning as it was cold and foggy outside. My bed is warm and I was quite comfortable! Got up (eventually), washed, brushed teeth and decided what to wear for school (brown trousers, white shirt and pink cardigan) and made my way downstairs. I opened my mail and got things ready for school and ate a piece of toast whilst loading the car. Said a few words to mum before I left the house for work.

Illustration by Rob Davies
Illustration by Rob Davies

Arrived at school at 8.15am. Did some photocopying and prepared for my class of 15 year 3 and 4 pupils to arrive. 8.45am I did the register - only Benjamin on holiday and Ashley off ill. We discussed the Victorian day held yesterday and noted the differences between now and then (thank goodness they said the teacher isn't so strict today!). The children began writing their morning so far for this project. I listened to readers and proof read rough drafts. The children have to have small chunks to do at a time otherwise they forget what they have done!

Out to break at 10.30 although some children were kept behind for a bit to continue with diaries. Straight after break we all went over to the hall where Firefighter Tim Williams gave us a fire safety talk. The children watched a video about what to do in a fire situation - they were keen to ask questions after.

We only had a chance for a short maths lesson today - oops, the numeracy hour has been halved! Anyway, we revised right angles and half right angles following the Steps Mathematics scheme (3B and 4A).

12.00pm - children go out to lunch. I stay behind and mark work so that there's less to do tonight. I go over to main building to have lunch with other members of staff - this is the only chance we have to talk!! Back into class at 1pm and do register again.

Children continued writing diaries of their day up until lunchtime. During this time I do spelling pre-tests with the children. Art was next. The children drew self-portraits and coloured with pastels. Tried hard to stop stick men being drawn!! These will be displayed in the corridor of the school.

End of the day with our own class prayer. Parents come to collect children from classroom.

After school, time for our staff meeting held weekly. We discuss harvest festival, dates in diary and matters arising. ____ is covering for me tomorrow whilst I attend a course at Abermule. I go through things with her. I tidy classroom and arrive home at 6.15pm.

Sat down to tea with mum and dad - had chicken curry, rice chips and naan bread. Rang Amy. Went to a Body Shop party at Gina's with mum. I arrive home at 9pm after a glass of wine and some purchases. I go straight to bed as I am shattered. Kevin is football training so I didn't see him tonight (spoke on phone earlier). Slept like a log until 8.00am next day - a lie in today as I'm on a course!!

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