Primary School Diaries VI

Yesterday was the best day of my life. When I woke up to go to school I was the first person up. I found a letter my mum and dad had left for me. I opened it. I couldn't read what was on it but I tried. I think it said, "We're in bed. Make your own dinner for school."

I was on my way to school when I heard the school bell go. I was late. I rushed and I just made it. We did drama. I am in the top class and I have a fantastic teacher.

Illustration by Rob Davies

We had maths homework. I like maths so I liked it. I did my homework and it was easy. I played on my Sega with my older brother. After that I went outside to play with my friends. We went in a corn field but we asked the farmer first. He said we could. I found a whole bag of pottery. After that me and my friend went on a flat surface around by the house and we tried to fix some together to make a pot or a plate. We managed to fix a lot.

My mum shouted at me when I was doing my homework at nightime and she sent me to bed because it was late.