A day in the life of a school cook

Wake at 6.45 and have cup of tea in bed, quick bath and get dressed. I work as a cook at the local school. On the way to work, call on Mother who is 88 and lives alone. Make sure she is alright and make breakfast for her and myself, boiled eggs, toast and tea.

Illustration by Rob Davies

Get to school for 8.45. Today is a busy day, roast dinner day and we cook for another primary school and Meals on Wheels.

Our potato peeler is broken so we should receive pre-peeled potatoes from the greengrocer. I proceed to put meat in the oven and make chocolate cake with chocolate sauce. The potatoes do not arrive by 10am so we start frantically peeling potatoes. Greengrocer arrives at 10.30am - anyway we have already peeled enough by hand.

WRVS ladies call for 8 meals on wheels at 11.45am. The children come into the hall at 12 noon for lunch. They look sweet. Most of them are in Victorian Costume. We finish serving lunch, wash up and clear the hall by about 1.30pm, then we have our lunch. I then do book work and orders. I call and see mum again on way home. I spend the rest of the day shopping, then in the evening relax watching TV.