Sunday School

Sunday School certificate
Sunday School certificate
Powysland Museum and Montgomery Canal Centre

Sunday schools began as early as the 16th century although they did not really become popular until the late 18th century. At this time, Robert Raikes and the curate of his local church Mary le Crypt Church in Gloucester decided to set up a school to help local children to learn to read and write. The idea spread very rapidly during the 19th century, and a very large proportion of children attended regularly.

This is the opening page from the Calvinistic Methodist Sunday School register for the Brecon and Radnor circuit. The list is of the people who held the classes, how many children attended each class and what instruction was undertaken by them. The various categories listed vertically are:

Calvinistic Methodist Sunday School register
Calvinistic Methodist Sunday School register
Powys County Archives

    1. Present
    2. Verses from Bible
    3. Hymn verses
    4. Christian instructor
    5. Father's gift
    6. Mother's gift
    7. Other catechisms
    8. Collections