A Day in the Life of a School Support Assistant

Woke up this morning at seven thirty
My husband two children and a large mug of tea
Then all in one hour, hubby was gone
Children in school and I left all alone
I'll just have a tidy and hoover the floor
And by five to nine I'm out through the door
Illustration by Rob Davies
I'm due in the classroom to help with year two
For helping the children is what I like to do
Glue, pasta and card to make a picture frame
With forty two children, well that is my aim
When that is all done dinner time comes
It's off to the canteen with children and crumbs
With four hundred children all on the yard
I'm surprised they aren't sending me a get well card
Half an hours rest then it's off down the road
For my next job I'm needed to help not young but old
With crafts, reminiscing and trips out and about
Maes Y Wennol Residents miss out on nout
It's time for a sing song to make them all merry
Maybe if we're lucky we'll all have a sherry
Four o'clock, home from school Sarah and Steve want their tea
Oh. I forgot, Steve is not eating with me
He's gone to his mates house to have a good time
So it's just tea with Sarah, till Dad's home at nine
Nip into town quickly, as I just saw
The guinea pigs need some nice new straw
Then at five for Sarah it's off to piano
While I sit down with a cuppa and think of tomorrow
Get hubby his dinner, it's nine and he's stressed
Make sure all clothes are all ready and pressed
Prepare the kids a warm drink send them on their way
For the bright light of sunshine has gone for the day
Now off to their bedrooms, rest those little toes
Off to the land of nod where anything goes
As I crawl into bed
In fact I'm feeling quite sane
For tomorrow is Wednesday
Oh No! I've got to do it all over again