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Illus. By Rob Davies

Medication and medical aids

A very large number of diarists were taking medication of one sort or another, much of it on a regular basis. For some it is a morning routine:

  • 9.15am Had my cereal and milk, toast and marmalade and tea. Took my tablets thyroxine before, and soluble aspirin afterwards.

  • Had a leisurely breakfast of Sultana Bran, after taking tablets for heart trouble and under active thyroid. Also gave myself insulin to keep my diabetes under control.

  • Now I can put the Radio 2 on (Phil doesn't like it!) take my tablets (painkillers for back problem) and have breakfast - cereal.

  • I prepared our tablets for the evening and for breakfast the next day.

For other people they help out with medication for relatives:

  • I take a prescription for my elderly mother-in-law which I collected from Kington earlier in the day - she lives just down the road from us.

  • …an appointment at Neville Hall Hospital for his monthly blood test (changed his tablets as his blood is now too thin).

  • 11.30 Met aunts hearing aid man who fitted her for a new one.


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