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Domestic tasks - in particular the preparation and consumption of food - formed an important part of the majority of our diarist's days. These are only a few examples of some of the entries made.

  • Illus. By Rob Davies
    Good deal on citrus fruits - made 12lbs of "3 fruit" marmalade.

  • After showering I prepared and cooked our evening meal - an avocado pear with seafood dressing, curried chicken with rice followed by ice cream.

  • Washed up the dishes and tidied up the kitchen. Riddled the ashes out of my Parkray, put new coal on and washed glass in door and wiped hearth. Hoovered my living room and washed the floor (with mop). By now it's time for a cup of drinking chocolate and a biscuit. Time to make my bara brith which I put to soak last night, and when I got the oven on I made 2 dozen scones and a carrot cake.

  • The weather forecast expects rain soon, so perhaps I'll get the bedclothes off and washed while the sun still shines - for a change! It must be at least a month since I did them. I suppose decent housewives would turn their noses up! Most probably wash their sheets regularly once a week. Washing's so easy these days with washing machines and spin dryers. I wonder what they'd make of the old days when my mum used to give me one clean sheet a week and a pillow case every fortnight. I had to strip my bed on Saturday morning, put the top sheet on the bottom, turning it top to toe, turn the pillow over, and put a clean top sheet. Then the dirties went in the boiler. Bodies and beds and everything's so much easier to keep clean these days.

  • Illus. By Rob Davies
    Will put some washing in the machine, good day for drying outside. Vacuumed the downstairs rooms, froze the remainder of the runner beans, rhubarb into pies, apple crumble in the freezer for another day, picked more apples to freeze.

  • Got my old faithful twintub washing machine out and set to do the washing. I have to bucket the water into the washing machine as the twin tap is too big for the washing machine pipe to fit on, then wait for the water to heat up as it's still to warm to have the Rayburn on this time of year to heat the water. This took a good two hours and filled up four washing lines. It's a good job we don't live in a town house with a tiny garden. I would never get it all dried. While the twin tub was emptying I swept the path around the house.

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