Glangrwyney Court
Glangrwyney Court
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Home Life

John Hughes of Glangrwyney

Glangrwyney Hall near Llangenny in Breconshire (otherwise known as Sunny Bank) was owned or occupied by one Sophia Parkinson according to the 1891 census.

Gathering at Glangrwyney
Gathering at Glangrwyney, c1910
Powys County Archives

However, by 1901 it had passed to Trevor F Thomas who was an engineer from Merthyr Tydfil. He was a prosperous man who could afford to retain the services of several servants and a French governess for his young daughter Vivian.

Estate Workers, Glangwryney
Estate Workers, Glangrwyney
Powys County Archives

Hughes Family
The Hughes Family of Sunny Bank Lodge c1900
Powys County Archives

One of his servants was the gardener who lived at The Lodge to the main house, John Hughes.

1891 Census
Sunny Bank Lodge, Glangrwyney
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of Birth English/Welsh
John E Hughes Head M 36 Gardener Gloucester St Briavels English
Emma Hughes Wife M 32   Hereford Madley English
William J Hughes Son   10   Monmouth Abergavenny English
Henry T Hughes Son   4   Brecon Llangenny English
George W Hughes Son   1   Brecon Llangenny  
Mr Hughes Sr and Willie
Mr Hughes Sr with his grandson Willie
Powys County Archives

Staff, Glangwrney
The Staff, Glangwryney
John Hughes is standing at centre back on the right.
Emma sits in front of John, to the left.
Powys County Archives

Mr Hughes' family photographs in Powys County Archives go back to the 1890s when Mr Hughes first took up employment there.

This picture is probably John's eldest son Willie with his grandfather.

John Hughes is again to be seen in these photographs of the staff from Sunny Bank. The boy in the foreground may well be his youngest son, George.

Staff, Glangwrney
The Staff, Glangwryney
John Hughes is standing at the centre back;
Emma Hughes sits in front of him
Powys County Archives