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Knitting & Crochet patterns from the Lewis Lloyd Collection

Invalid Bed Net
Invalid Bed Net
Knitting pattern for 'Invalid Bed Net'
Powys County Archives

This intriguing item sounds like a sort of catch-all to hold things?

Invalid Bed Net

Pair of bone needles, no. 5
Streetts cotton, no. 4

Cast on 24 stitches, and knit plain for 18 rows.
Then increase till you have 84 stitches; knit straight on for 84 rows and then decrease until you have 24 stitches.
Knit 18 rows and cast off.
Fasten a loop of webbing about 1 1/2 inches on to each and run a cord through them (made of the cotton) to fasten the "Rest" to the foot of the bed, finish off the cords with tassels.

Crochet petticoat
Crochet Petticoat with knitted band
Powys County Archives

This petticoat has a knitted waistband with a crochet skirt. The instruction 'till the petticoat is long enough. Join then work round and round' allows for a slit from waist to hips, to enable the wearer to get in and out, like a skirt without a zipper.

Crochet Petticoat with knitted band

For band - Cast on 12 stitches - knit plain - till long enough for band, making a buttonhole at the end.
Then 2 treble crochet with every alternate knitted stitch to end of row - crochet backwards and forewards 2 treble into every space between each 2 treble of previous row till 9 rows are done - then 10th and all following rows 3 treble instead of 2 into each space till the petticoat is long enough. Join and then work round and round.
For border - Stripes of a different colour may be introduced if preferred.

Childs Knitted PetticoatChilds Knitted Petticoat
Childs Knitted Petticoat
Powys County Archives

Petticoat stitch pattern as knitted
Petticoat stitch pattern as knitted.
'Scan' or 'scanned' was interpreted to mean 'purl'.
Brioche stitch creates a loose, frilly border.
Margaret Reid

This child's petticoat includes a bit of colour, and the pattern will create a herringbone effect.

Childs Knitted Petticoat

3 oz white wool 1 oz pink
Cast on 222 stitches in pink. Knit 4 plain rows.
5th row. White wool, knit1 - make 1 * knit 3, slip 1, knit 2 together, pass the slipped stitch over, knit 3, make 1, knit 1, make 1, repeat from * at the end make 1, knit 1.
6th row. Knit 1 at each end of the row [Scan?] the remainder.
Repeat the 5th and 6th rows till 10 more are done -
17 & 18 - plain knitting
19th row - [scanned?]
20th row - plain knitting
Repeat from 5th row till you have 3 quarters of the length you require. The other quarter [in the ] Brioche stitch - make 1, slip one, knit 2 together.
May be made with yarn pins no. 8.

This stitch pattern creates long loops, which pulled through each other to create a criss-cross pattern.

Stitch pattern
Stitch pattern
Powys County Archives

½ lb double firmer wool - large pins.
Cast on 20 stitches
Knit 2 rows plain
3rd row - Knit 2 stitches - put your needle through next stitch and put wool 4 times round your needle - pull these through stitch. Repeat 16 times, 2 plain stitches.
4th row - 2 plain - take first round of 8 each four off and [?let ] last 3 slip [?] then string it on pins
Take first 4 over over last 4 then slip last 4 on left-hand pin
Knit them plain. Repeat - with last 8 - 2 plain.

It should come out looking something like this:

Stitch sample
Stitch sample as knitted
Margaret Reid