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A few people were having some technical problems with their homes on September 24th.

  • Illus. By Rob Davies
    Man came to do the drain which is blocked (husband already unblocked at 12.43!)

  • Boiler is leaking following earthquake on Sunday night. Husband is away in London on training course so I tried to tackle boiler with tea towel and what looked like a spanner. Failed dismally - think I turned the bolt the wrong way! I must call an engineer!

  • Breakfasted - porridge and toast with marmalade whilst husband still trying to find a 'Corgi' registered plumber. We have a Rayburn which heats water only, but no coal! They can't deliver until next Monday……on my way round [the park] I noticed a plumber's van and got his number but on returning home the doorbell rang and there stood - a plumber. Husband managed to raise one. He diagnosed and said if he could get the part he'd be back within the hour. He rang instead at 10.45 and is coming after a job he is attending to.

  • I telephoned 'faults' about my friend's telephone which is out of order. They promised to come in three days. Time was when they would come the same day. Progress!

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