Social Conditions

Child Care

There were many diaries which referred to child care arrangements, which were often highly complicated.

Another diarist was a childminder with children of her own.

7.30am Got up out of bed. Had a wash and got dressed.
7.45am Went downstairs to get the breakfast while dad dressed the children.
8.30am Thomas arrived. Put all the children into the car and took Jemma to school which is where I collect Max.
8.45am Back at home a friend called with her child. Had a coffee and a chat. Children played.
9.30am They went home. Max had his breakfast. Other children had a drink and biscuit. Max then went to sleep. Played with the other children.
11.45am Another friend arrived. Made the children some dinner. Had a coffee.
12.30pm My friend went. Cleaned up the dinner things and did a bit of housework.
1.30pm Thomas and Max went home. Rhianne arrived.
2.30pm Rhianne went to sleep. Did some more housework.
2.50pm Rhianne woke up. Put her in car. Went to get Jemma from school.
3.15pm Went to pick Lucy up as she had gone to play at someone's house.
4.30pm Dad home
4.45pm Caroline arrived to cut our hairs.
5.30pm Kids had a bath.
6.15pm Kids had tea. After that they played for a bit.
7.15pm Children went to bed. I had some tea. Rhianne went home. Watched a bit of TV.
8.00pm Went on the computer to do a bit of my NVQ work.
9.45pm Had a bath then went to bed.

Another frequent reference was by grandparents taking care of their grandchildren while the parents went out to work.

Another, who is a teacher, makes an uncomfortable discovery:


Some more grandparent's diaries can be seen here. And that of a mother widowed at a young age can be seen here .