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Social conditions

Work with people with disabilities

Many of the diarists worked to help people with disabilities, such as this man who works on a community transport facility:

Illus. By Rob Davies
Abergavenny Market
Abergavenny Market
Abergavenny Baptist Church
Abergavenny Baptist Church
The Commodore Hotel
The Commodore Hotel, Llandrindod Wells
  • 1. Took car, collected neighbour, drove to Crickhowell, checked out 'Dial-a-ride' bus and rove it to collect clients from Bwlch, Llangynyder, Llangattock, Crickhowell and took then to Abergavenny (market day). NB clients are disabled or elderly. Arrived late in Abergavenny due to need to detour via Glan Usk estate because of Llangynyder Bridge closure (10.20).

    2. Talked to one lady client for ½ hr as she couldn't walk and stopped in the bus. Went to Abergavenny Baptist Chapel and had toast and coffee and talked to friends. Did a little shopping for self and clients - returned to bus.

3. Late driving from Abergavenny due to delay getting shopping for disabled client - left at 11.50.
4. Delivered clients back home and returned bus to parking area. Drove neighbour (escort) and self home.

Others have different roles:

  • Duty Officer all morning, for once the phone was quiet - only one referral and one car badge assessment all morning. I was able to type several case notes onto computer and complete a long hand written assessment.

    Beautiful sunny day. Afternoon home visit planned to rural hamlet to visit client recently discharged from hospital with large package of home care. As this client is terminally ill and looks like needing more care (currently 4 visits x 2 carers x 7 days a week) I am about to apply for Health Service funding to provide additional support.
  • I went to work for 9am and wondered what might unfold during the day. You can never tell in my line of work. I work for an advocacy group who support people with learning disabilities - I'm their advice and development worker and do a lot of basic skills training. I'd been given instructions to keep our 'New Deal' worker busy. It's his first week with us. My two colleagues were out for the day so this task fell on me. It was extremely quiet so the 'busy' bit was quite difficult.
  • ………an hour in the Commodore Hotel taking minutes for the Radnorshire Deaf and Hard of Hearing support Group, concerned by the inadequate provision of NHS digital hearing aids in Powys.


  • My work as a Social Worker with people who are deaf cover s the whole of Powys which means spending a lot of time behind the steering wheel but I am around Llandrindod all day today. Arrive at the office just before nine and switch on the computer. Since I started working here in 1980 the bureaucracy has increased monumentally. The Department is obsessed with counting things.

    After sorting post, emails and new referrals I attend a Radnor Deaf and Hard of Hearing Support Group committee meeting. This is a group of mainly hard of hearing volunteers who run a club for people with a hearing impairment and do great work lobbying for better service locally. We discuss fears that the local hearing aid clinic will be unable to cope with demand for the newly available digital hearing aids and that waiting lists are likely to go through the roof. I agree to find out who is the best person to write to at the Local Health Group.

    After a home-grown tomato and chive sandwich at my desk a sharp walk around the lake and back as part of my keep fit resolution.

    One of my visits this afternoon is to an elderly lady who is struggling to cope with severe and deteriorating hearing loss. We discuss equipment that might help her at home such as a flashing light for the doorbell and loop system to listen to the TV, but her main concern is how impatient people are with her and how isolated she is feeling.

The diary of a teacher of English to blind students can be seen here.

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