Social Conditions

The Morrallee Family

One family causing some concern to the Board of Guardians was that of Jane Morrallee and her children. Jane's husband failed to maintain his family and consequently they were admitted to the Workhouse at Llanfyllin.

Jane Morrallee & family
Powys County Archives

14th May 1891

"Jane Morrallee and family Resolved that proceedings be initiated against Uriah Morrallee for neglecting to maintain his family."

John Morrallee workhouse
Powys County Archives

9th July 1891

"John Morrallee workhouse
It was resolved to take steps with a view to the removal of this boy to the 'Clio'"

School ship "Clio"
The Training Ships Website

The Clio was a school ship run by the Royal Navy and based at Bangor, North Wales. It was opened in 1877 and took 260 pupils at a time. It gave boys aged 14 and 15 training for a life at sea. It eventually closed in 1919.

Jane then tried to obtain some boots for her children so that they would be in a fit condition to leave the Workhouse.

Jane Morrallee & children
Powys County Archives

23rd July 1891

"Jane Morrallee and children The application for boots herein was refused. It was resolved to take steps with a view to the admission of the boy John Morrallee to the industrial training ship 'Clio'."

Jane persisted about the boots and the Board relented:

Training Ship "Clio"
Powys County Archives

6th August 1891

"Training ship "Clio". A letter was received from the Superintendent of the training ship containing particulars of the charges for boys committed by the Justices, under the Industrial Schools Act.

Jane Morrallee Workhouse This person was allowed her pairs of boots for her children to leave the workhouse provided the pauper received a suitable house to take her family to."

Jane Morrallee and children
Powys County Archives

3rd September 1891

"Jane Morrallee and children It was resolved that steps be taken as soon as practicable for the removal of child John to the "Clio".

Uriah Morrallee
Powys County Archives

26th November 1891

"Uriah Morrallee late of Llansanffraid On the motion of Mr Geo Kempster seconded by Mr J M Jones it was resolved to offer a reward of £2 for the apprehension of this man charged with neglecting to maintain his family."

It was unusual for the Llanfyllin Board to offer a reward for an errant father in this way.

Llanfyllin Workhouse