Social conditions


Illus. By Rob Davies
Owain Glyndwr Monument
Owain Glyndwr Monument, Machynlleth

Many diarists were retired and in receipt of pensions.

This morning we walked into town to do some shopping and post some letters. We also collected our pension from the Post Office and we are worried that the Government is proposing to stop this facility and, instead, make our payments directly into our bank account. We find it so convenient to have ready cash provided each week from the Post Office pension payment.

Drove to our local Post Office to collect my weekly pension (up this week to £37) and the newspaper. Also filled the car with gas, a great relief, as we'd driven all yesterday, on petrol, which is twice the price.

Called on my brother and his wife at their cottage in Llansilin for 'elevenses'. Aunt Hylda, who now lives in a wardened retirement village in Surrey, wishes to see as many of the family as possible whilst she is staying with us. She is as active and exhausting as ever despite her 86 years!

Other diarists visit or care for other elderly friends or relatives.

Many retired diarists also play a significant role in caring for their grandchildren