Horses & Horse Drawn Transport: Photos

Here are some photos of horse-related transport we couldn't fit in elsewhere in this theme.

Bandstand in Rock Park
Bandstand in Rock Park, Llandrindod Wells,
with a donkey cart on the right
Radnorshire Museum

Cairn Refreshment Rooms
Off on a ride, outside the Cairn
Refreshment Rooms, Llandrindod Wells
Radnorshire Museum

Carriage and pair
Carriage outside Middleton House, Llandrindod Wells. Middleton House is now a pub.
This photo was used on our publicity poster.
Photo by Rousham Roberts
Radnorshire Museum

Ponycarts and carriages
Ponycarts and carriages
Radnorshire Museum

Around the Lake
On the left, a ponycart starting its journey
around the Lake, Llandrindod Wells
Radnorshire Museum

Locomotives & Barges