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Travel by road

As well as journeys to work and school there were many other uses mentioned for cars and other vehicles.

Illus. By Rob Davies
Illus. By Rob Davies
  • About once a month I drive to Sainsbury's supermarket in Hereford. I set off just before 9.00am just as the mums and their offspring were arriving at the local primary school opposite, in their 4 x 4s. It was a beautiful sunny day. The main road was busy, three lots of road works with traffic lights, so the 26 mile journey took 10 minutes longer than usual. I paid £1 for 2 hours parking. . . . About 6.45pm we set off in our vintage car to join fellow enthusiasts for our monthly meeting at Newcastle on Clun about 30 miles away.

  • Today we travelled in our blue Peugeot 306 car to Welshpool another market town 38 miles from here.

  • It is my wife's birthday so we drove to Welshpool as we have no bus or shop here.

  • My dad has 2 cars, a tractor, a trailer and a caravan

  • Weather sunny, wind cool: we decided to visit the Elan Valley, which we do 2 or 3 times a year, using our small motor home.

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