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School transport

With Powys being such a large and rural community, school pupils often have to travel quite long distances to get to school, and sometimes the trips are quite complicated.

  • "Kids, get in the car now". And we're off! The external temperature, the Shogun reliably informed me, was 2 degrees! The drive to school was a beautiful journey along narrow country lanes, framed by the Beacons, stark now against the deepening colour of the sky. The sun so bright in the crisp air that sunglasses were essential.
  • Walked back - school coming out - too many parent's cars.
  • Illus By RoB davies
    When the two eldest had gone to school helped number three with his last minute homework which was just about done when the taxi came into the yard.
  • I get to school by taxi to the bus stop and then bus to school.

  • Mummy and I cycled to school. We have a trailer bike. Mummy peddles in front and I help out behind.

  • 8.15am Depart for school in minibus with my three children to pick up 12 children from the village.

One of the commonest forms of transport to school was the school bus

  • Daughter left to catch bus to school at 8am.
  • Illus. By Rob Davies
    Jumped in car to take son to local car park to catch school bus. (He goes to school 25 miles away).
  • On the way to school, there was a lovely scenic view of the Eppynt , shrouded faintly in mist. I caught the bus in Tirabad and we drove to Builth . . .
    . . . I caught the bus [home]. We had a different bus driver and he was really moody.
  • Marched to bus stop where I boarded bus 4 which took me to school to engage in battle with blood thirsty teachers and books.

  • My bus had a flat tyre so we had to get on another bus to collect a bus from Brecon and we picked everyone else up and went home.

  • When I had packed my bag my dad drove me to the top of the hill and I walked to the bus stop with my next door neighbour. We waited for the bus to take us to school but it never came. Then a lady said she had drove past the bus and it had broken down. After a few minutes the bus driver came walking up the hill to say the bus had broken down just down the road, so we walked down to the bus. There were some German exchange students on our bus. After 15 minutes the driver got the bus going and we went to school.

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