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Various people were involved in management and administration.

Illustration by Rob Davies
  • Spend day doing general administration, including financial forecasts, and sending out newsletters.

  • Answered calls, took queries, typed letters and documents, faxed documents, filed documents, updated records etc.

  • First one to work. Enter code on front door, deactivate alarm system. Remove post from box inside front door and sort it out. Upstairs to desk. Log onto computer (another code). Log onto SSID (another code). Read emails. Answer emails. Laugh at joke email. Attend admin. Meeting at 10.00am and take minutes. Items covered are mostly health and safety. Colleagues worried about darkness of car parks in winter, broken locks on windows, safety when taking money to the bank. Actions agreed to remedy situation. Back to desk. More typing at computer. Then it's lunchtime. Out into the sun . . . Back to work. Colleague comes into office I haven't seen for some time. Spend a short time chatting and catching up on family news. Back to computer. Very quiet in office - care managers either out on visits or attending emergency planning session. Receive and send more emails. Some phone calls but mostly emails. Home at 5.30.

  • Arrived at Powys County Hall Llandrindod Wells at 7.59 pm. I work in the Legal Department as a Legal Support Clerk, our work station is on the first floor, switch on the computer, first job is sorting, opening and delivering the mail to our department. . . . We open all the Legal, Policy and mail addressed Powys County Council, we have 6 deliveries a day, the morning is taken up with finding files, putting files away. At about 11.15 every day I fill in the seal Register, this is Legal documents which need the Powys Seal attached to them. Once I have written them in the Register I take it down to the secretary of the Head of Legal for him to sign. Once this has been done I return them to the Solicitors responsible for them. . . . The afternoon was taken up with boxing old Brecon Borough Council Contracts ready to be sent to Modern Records for storage.

  • 8am and we have arrived after a 14 mile journey. At our workstations we turn on our computers which allow us to communicate with other colleagues across the Authority and the world! My colleague and I act as legal filing and support clerks and are responsible for keeping the legal files used by the Council's solicitors in order as well as those of the Chief Executive Officer. She is one of the few female chief executives in local government in the UK. We keep track of files and deeds on our databases so that we know where they are filed and who has them and when. 2.00pm I helped colleagues move files and books etc from the Head of legal services room as work men had arrived to lay a new carpet! All his staff were away so we set to.

  • Start work at veterinary surgery as practice manager, bookkeeper, assist with small animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters) telephone, reception, clients etc. all day until 6.45 - 7pm.

  • The business is a company, owned by my second son and managed by myself. We have wine bars, public houses and an hotel. Recently I have reduced my hours and travel on Tuesdays and Thursdays, spending Wednesday working from home doing the accounts on the computer. Today was busy with mundane administrative matters; the new hotel managers are making positive moves to improve the food, upgrade the facilities and attract more customers. Our office secretary went to her first computer class to learn how to operate Windows; Excel; databases; accounts packages et al. I left the office just before 5pm, having worked through the lunch period, as usual.

  • (Systems manager) Up early today, and by 5am I was outside working on the new drain. By 6 the job was finished and, after feeding the chickens, pig etc I went back inside to get ready for work. Drove to Hereford where it was a busy day of office work and meetings, one in Worcester! Left promptly at 5 and went home for dinner with the family. After bathing and bedding the boys I moved the sheep, helped my wife with her report and caught 10 minutes of Man United performing in the Champions League. Time for bed . . .


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