A day in the life of a calligrapher

Graphic by Rob Davies

Rise 7.45 Make tea, take to John, who is already on the computer back to bed, await Katy, 6 month kitten for her usual cuddle.

8.15 Katy arrives after eating her breakfast and I'm seduced into 10 more minutes in bed.

8.25 Rise and spend 10 minutes on my morning exercises. It's like cleaning my teeth, I've been doing them for over 30 years, they help to get me going! No one knows that the knees don't go quite as high as they used to. Shower, dress, have breakfast, fruit & yoghurt and fruit juice.

9.15 20 minutes spent watering the garden and removing frost covers. At 1000 feet we can get early frosts.

9.40 John takes me to the village for the mobile library and I walk the. 75 mile back after chatting with Eric for 10 minutes.

10.30 Arrive home, check messages on answerphone. One student checking whether there is a place for her on the class, here in my studio, starting on Thursday. I ring back saying yes...then panic because I check my list and I realise that I am already overbooked. Bill, our joiner who is making a new kitchen unit rings to check whether I have a date for the arrival of the new sink so that he can take measurements. I ring the supplier in Llandrindod Wells, who is not there, and leave a message.

10.45 Into my studio, at last. Put on Radio 4, my workplace companion.

11.10 Supplier returns my call and says that he will deliver the sink and worktop on Thursday. I call Bill back and advise.

11.45 I have spent 45 minutes on the SSI Minutes Book. I have had this for a year now and only written up one year's Minutes. It's six years behind!

12.0 Start work on a large commission. Eight biblical quotations for a lady who wants them for her grandchildren

12.45 Natural break in work for lunch. Check post. Eat lunch, soup and fruit.

2.0 Prepare studio for the class on Thursday, spend vital minutes looking for the syllabus that I have worked out for the ten weeks. Find it on the back of a piece of paper that I have looked at several times!

3.30 Trip to Tuffins, in Knighton, for shopping and petrol, needed for a weekend workshop.

5.0 Return and return two telephone calls made in my absence.

5.30 Prepare and cook supper.

6.30 Eat supper.

7.15 Make 4 telephone calls for the weekend lecture that I have arranged on Saturday.

8.0 Relax in front of the television.

10.00 Bedtime, read for ten minutes until the eyelids droop!!