A day in the life of a refuse collector

Illus.By Rob Davies

Woke at 4.50 to get ready for work. Left for work at 5.25, drove to work (Ludlow in South Shropshire). Arrived at work 5.55, started ashcart round at 6.15 emptying local business bins in and around Ludlow area. There are 2 people on the round, a driver and loader. The lorry is a standard bin lorry with a bin tail lift, fully loaded is 12 ½ tons.

Finish Ludlow area around 11.15 then headed for a place called Stapleton, a little village on the Shrewsbury side of Craven Arms. 25 minutes later then headed for Church Stretton. Arrived in Church Stretton at 12.00. Started emptying bins around Stretton. Task completed 1hr 45 mins later.

Then out and headed for the landfill site on the outer edge of Shrewsbury at 14.15. Weighted lorry on bridge and proceeded to empty the lorry . After weighed off the tip and headed on A49 to Ludlow 1hour. Arrive in local yard, filled with fuel and washed lorry, 30 mins.

Then went home from work to have tea. T 16.30, finished tea and washed up then had shower, watched some TV and went to bed at 21.35. Night night.