Smoky business

The Work

A Day in the Life of . . . a Farrier

7.00 Leave the house. Drive 45 mins to first call at Bronington, Ellesmere. My works vehicle is a Landrover Freelander purposely equipped for the job.
8.00 Trim 2 horse's feet: need to use knife, nippers and rasp. Customer settles bill and makes appointment for 6 weeks time.
9.00 Shoe one horse at second call. Use handmade shoes (made previous evening), take old shoes off horse, trim feet whilst new shoes heat in gas forge in back of van. Fit new shoes. Cool off shoes, nail shoes on horses feet.
11.30 Buy much needed "breakfast in a box" from roadside catering van on outskirts of Preston, Lancs.
12.00 Shoe 3 horses near Preston.
4.00 Visit parents near Wigan
7.30 Home after driving 210 miles
8.00 Confirm appointments for tomorrow by telephone
8.30 Load van for the following day.