Illus. By Rob Davies
Coleg Powys
Coleg Powys, Llandrindod
Illus. By Rob Davies

A day in the life of a market gardener

I woke up at 6am and had a cup of tea in bed. Then (as my 2 boys were already awake!) set about turning them into street urchin and chimney sweep for Victorian Day at school!

My husband left for work at 7.15, I showered, had breakfast with the boys and we read and played until it was time to leave for school. On returning home I cleared the kitchen and let out the chicks, chicken and geese.

I set out by car across the hills to Llandrindod Wells to take part in session 2 of a drawing/painting course at college. Got there just in time and attempted to draw 'still life' - bottles teapot and bowl. After wards had lunch and returned home.

In the afternoon I dug potatoes, picked beans and courgettes to sell and was very busy until it was time to collect the children from school. The boys had an after-school club so I had 2 trips tonight. We settled down and played games. At 6 o'clock we all had dinner together - tortillas and chicken. The boys wanted it to be 'special', so we had candles! My husband read the goodnight story while I picked more beans and put geese, chicken and ducks in their houses. I spent the rest of the evening putting a report on the computer, did some reading, then bed.


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