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Some museum attendants submitted their diaries for September 24th.

  • landing stage
    The discovery of the log boat landing stage
    The log boat
    The log boat in Radnorshire Museum
    Arrived work at 9am and carried out usual duties (cleaning, Health and Safety checks etc) before opening the museum to the public at 11am. Coffee and worked on Emergency Planning document. 12 noon, travelled to Wrexham with the curator to attend an emergency planning workshop. Arrived back at work 3.30pm and had a sandwich for lunch. Continued working on the emergency planning document until 5pm.

  • Arrived at work 09.00. Honest! Dealt with various public enquires at the museum.
    1.00pm - lunch - chips atop the golf links hill with a friend. Fine views and company.
    Afternoon - with two students, from Lampeter University, searched River Ithon at Llandrindod for exact site of our medieval log boat (originally found in 1929).

We found site and searched for remains of landing stage (ignored in 1929 recovery of boat). I found remains of breakwater (part of landing stage). Students took sample of breakwater (?) timber back to Lampeter for analysis. We will have to wait and see regarding results of tests. Return home 5.30pm to my trusty hounds.

We also received a diary from an archaeologist.
  • Walked the 3 minutes round the corner to work in Church St. Had a pretty good day at work. Made copies of air photographs of 3 archaeological sites, two of prehistoric date and one Roman. I also worked to organise a seminar on the future of archaeological research in East and North East Wales, which is to be held next month.

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