A day in the life of a sub-postmaster

6.00am Arose, shaved, showered.

Illus. By Rob Davies
Illus. By Rob Davies
Illus. By Rob Davies
Illus. By Rob Davies

6.30am Took in newspapers, sorted papers and addedcustomers names where appropriate.

7.30am Took dog a walk.

8.00am Opened shop.

8.30am Engineer called to fit new post office equipment.

9.15am Opened post office. Served customers in post office and shop as normal.

10.20am Engineer called to check cigarette display.

10.30am I phoned photocopier company to check progress. No one available to talk to me. Promised to phone back.

11.00am Just noticed price of Daily Telegraph increased, need to check it and adjust account book. All in all a fairly quiet morning. Where is everyone?

1.00pm Close for lunch

2.00pm Open after lunch. A lady called in for her pension. She lives elsewhere and only has her pension here. She got very cross because I didn't have a set of jump leads. Presumably the battery is flat. She left slamming the door.

2.10pm Photocopier supplier phoned. Promised to get an engineer out to us an a priority.

2.20pm Phoned one of our main wholesalers who were aware that we now only have fortnightly visits from the rep and that they should phone for an order every other week (it has only been like this for the last 2 months at their instigation). They promised to phone in the future for orders.

2.30pm Examined one of the newspaper suppliers outstanding invoices. They are still getting it wrong. I will have to write to them and re-affirm that I will not pay them until they get the credits correct.

2.45pm Look at an outstanding invoice from a wholesaler who is now in receivership. Agreed everything except the question of credits for cigarette company. I will have to check back through old invoices.

3.00pm Phoned an order for soft drinks, and then an order for sausages and ham.

3.30pm Very busy until 5.30pm - eg. All milk and bread sold.

5.30pm Close post office

6.00pm Close shop and clear up

6.30pm Take dog for a walk.

7.00pm Bell ringing.

8.00pm Return home.

8.30pm Dinner.

9.15pm Sit to watch TV. Inevitably fall asleep.

10.00pm Take dog for a walk.

10.20pm Get ready for bed.

10.30pm zzzzz's