About the Project

The Powys: A Day in the Life project is an exciting and innovative opportunity for anyone with an interest in the past to explore what life was really like in Powys in 1891. Focusing on what was happening in a year that the national census was taken, it offers a cross-section through all parts of the community. What was being taught in school? What crimes were being committed? Who lived in the great houses? What work did people do? What did they wear? What did they eat? What did they do for entertainment? By focusing on the stories of real individuals the project offers people a chance to discover for themselves the reality of all aspects of life in nineteenth century mid-Wales.

We will be asking people across Powys to contribute to "a day in history" which will include a diary of what they did on 24th September 2002 - this will then become a resource for future generations on what daily life in Powys was like in the early part of the Twenty First Century.

Comparisons will be drawn between how life is now and how it was over a hundred years ago. There may be a few surprises - we may find that in some ways life was better in 1891 than it is now!

The information gathered will appear on this web site over the next few months, and we will also be displaying fascinating images of documents and artefacts from the county's museums and Archives Office. Local history societies, including the Brecknock Society, the Radnorshire Society, the Powysland Club and the Powys Family History Society, are also contributing material.

The project is funded by the New Opportunities Fund and Powys County Council.