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Pryce Jones a'r Royal Welsh Warehouse: y ryg Euklisia

Ryg neu flanced 'Euklisia' Frown wedi'i patentu
Datganiad Arbennig - Ryg neu flanced 'Euklisia' Frown
Archifau Sir Powys


Brown Patent
Rug or Blanket
2 Yards and 11 Inches Long
1 Yard and 31 Inches Wide
3/11 EACH
Made for the Russian Army

Pryce Jones has the honor of calling the special attention of Ladies to the following.
He has on hand seventeen thousand Brown Army Blankets (fitted with an air tight pillow, as per sketch above) which were expressly made for the Russian Army. These are the remains of a Contract of Sixty thousand, delivery of which was to have taken place at the rate of 6,000 per week. Plevna fell, and the order was cancelled. These goods have remained in his possession ever since, carefully packed in bales of fifties.
P.J. proposes to clear off the lot at a great sacrifice - he intends removing the air tight pillows and sewing up the slot, the space may, if required, be refilled with a pillow of feathers, wool, cotton or straw, and may in this manner, be utilized for the poor - being a bed and blanket combined.
These are much wider and longer than ordinary rugs.
These Blankets may, if desired, be obtained with the patent pillow attached, the cost of each rug would then be 3/- more than price named above.
As P.J. offers these goods under cost of production, he solicits and hopes to receive early orders.
Royal Warehouse
Newtown, N. Wales.

Digwyddodd Brwydr Plevna yn 1877, gweler Plevna am ragor o wybodaeth.

Pryce Jones a'r Royal Welsh Warehouse