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Two onions cut in slices, fried in ¼ lb. of butter, when brown remove from stewpan. Cut up any fresh meat you like into small pieces and fry in remains of butter. Then add the onions, one tablespoonful of curry powder, a little salt and ½ a pint good stock (some people add two or three apples cut in small pieces and rubbed through a sieve). Let all simmer for 2 hours or longer when done add two tablespoonfuls of cream. - Ready cooked meat need only be added to the sauce in time to get cooked through. If oysters they can be put in and cooked for two or three minutes at the last and then the cream added. Duleep Singh

Rysait Indiaidd ar gyfer Cyri
Archifau Sir Powys

A True Indian Recipe for Curry

A True Indian Recipe for Serving up the Dish of Curry, and the general method now adopted in England.

Cut two chickens as for Fricasees. Wash them clean, and put them in a stewpan, with as much water as will cover them; Springle them with a large spoonful of salt, and let them boil till tender, covered close all the time, observing to skim them well; when boiled enough, take up the chickens, and put the liquor of them in a pan; put half a pound of French Butter in a stewpan, and brown it a little, add to it two cloves of garlic, and a large onion sliced; let these all fry till brown, often shaking the pan, then put in chicken and springle over them two or three table spoonfuls of curry powder, cover the pan close; and let the chickens do till brown, often shaking the pan, lastly put in the liquor the chickens were boiled in, and let all stew till tender: if acid is agreeable, squeeze the juice of a lemon, or Seville orange in it.

Dish of Rice

To be sent to table with the curry in a dish by itself.

Take half a pound of rice, wash it clean in salt and water, put it in two quarts of boiling water and boil it briskly for twenty minutes; then strain it in a callender and shake it into a dish, but do not touch it with your fingers or a spoon.
NB Beef, veal, mutton, rabbits, fish etc. may be curried, and sent to table, with or without the dish of rice, or the dish of curry may be garnished with rice.

This article is now in the highest esteem, it is used by the most approved cooks at the principal hotels and taverns, for flavouring soups, fish, fowls, gravies, a la modes, and made dishes and is strongly recommended by eminent physicians as the most wholesome seasoning in substitute for pepper for all kind of vegetables being [lost in page fold]

Cytledi Durham
Cytledi Durham
Archifau Sir Powys

Durham Cutlets (for 6 cutlets)
8 oz cooked Meat
1 oz fat
1 oz flour
2 teasp. Parsley
gill Stock
teasp. Worcester Sauce
teasp. Mushroom catsup
teasp. Salt, ½ teasp. pepper

Remove from the meat all bone gristle skin and some fat if too much and mince or chop. Mix the sauces with the stock and the pepper and salt with the flour, the parsley with meat. Melt the fat and add to it the flour and if liked some onion. If for use with brown meat let the flour brown but if for white meat be careful not to brown it. Then add the stock or milk for white meat mix well then return to stove and stir till it boils and thickens to a ball leaving the pan clean. Allow it to cool a little then add the meat and beat well in turn onto a plate and allow it to cool. Form into cutlets coat with batter and breadcrumbs or maize flakes and fry.

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